Youth for Christ ministry was established in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2018. The goal of the ministry is to tell youth about the Gospel and train them to be leaders in their churches.

The Youth for Christ ministry started by serving with churches in Baghdad, doing many activities for teenagers inside the churches. Ministry leaders encourage the youth to read the Bible and to have a true relationship with God. We also provide training for the youth leaders in the churches to help them improve their abilities and skills, teaching them how to communicate with youth and supplying them with curriculum that they need.

God opened doors for the team to host camps. Every camp is three days long. The team does training in music, acting, and language to develop the skills of the youth so they can take a bigger role in their own churches; there is also a sports ministry.

Youth for Christ Iraq has a social media ministry. Primarily using Facebook and Instagram, leaders upload posts and encouraging videos that reach over 4,000 young people on a regular basis. Youth are encouraged to find biblical solutions for their problems, and social media messages affirm the unconditional love of God.

The team also runs programs in the north of Iraq, focusing on Christian villages that have been destroyed by ISIS.

Prayer Needs

  • Keep building partnerships with the churches, adding new ministries that will be helpful for the youth for their spiritual growth.
  • For God to give us wisdom as we are working with the youth; for the Holy Spirit to guide with new ideas that attract the youth.
  • For the people who hear the Word of God; for it to be fruitful in their lives.